Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 is a new Chinese Hot Pot restaurant that recently opened. It took over the existing Hong Kong Cattle Cafe restaurant at Burnaby Kingsway. It is located across from the Metrotown Mall. Check out the Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Burnaby Metrotown location review below.

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Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Restaurant Inside & Outside

This is how the outside of Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Restaurant looks like.

On the inside, there are quite a few Chinese character neon coloured signs.

These signs make the restaurant a lot more lively and nice. It makes a better dining atmosphere and environment.

There’s a sauce bar station where you can get your favorite sauces and condiments. There are the basic sauces like satay sauce, seafood sauce, sesame sauce, chili oil, garlic, green onions and cilantro.

We got some cilantro and green onions. These go great putting them in the hot pot soup. It makes it a lot more tastier. Other sauces we got are the seafood sauce with chili and satay sauce. Great for dipping!

Your hot pot soups are cooked in these portable cookers. They are not built into the tables.


Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Menu for Lunch & Dinner

This is the Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 menu for lunch and dinner. On the first page, its the Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 combo special meal deal. The combo comes with a soup base pot, complimentary drink (milk tea, yakult green tea or unsweetened green tea), assorted vegetable platter, carbohydrate (rice, vermicelli or hand made noodle), seasonal side dish item. It also comes with your choice of the protein option.

Note that most of the hot pot soups cost $5-7 and the protein option cost extra starting as low as $18. They do have a free soup option and that’s the hot special pork bone chicken soup. So basically, the cheapest hot pot soup option for everything included would be $18.

Note that the menu and how they serve their food is quite similar to the nearby competitor Gokudo Shabu Shabu restaurant on Burnaby Kingsway.

This is the back of the menu and it has side orders and drink options available. They cost extra and are not part of the hot pot combo special. We didn’t order any extra sides and just went with the hot pot soup combos. We ordered two combos.


Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Side Dish Appetizer Edamame Review (Price: Complimentary with Combo Purchase)

Included with our hot pot soup combo order, we got the Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Side Dish Appetizer Edamame. Sometimes, the side can be different depending on the season. These edamame were flavourful with some salty flavour.

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Yakult Green Tea & Milk Tea Drinks Review (Price: Complimentary with Combo Purchase)

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Restaurant Hot Pot soup combos come with included drinks. We got the Yakult Green Tea and Milk Tea. The milk tea is not the Taiwanese type but instead more like Hong Kong Style Milk Tea made with condensed milk. The Yakult Green Tea was pretty good and a little tangy too. Both drinks are sweet and are served cold. We requested ours to have no ice.

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Fatty Short Beef Plate Slice with Hot Special Pork Bone Chicken Soup Hot Pot Soup Combo Review (Combo Price: $0 Soup Base + $18 Beef Protein)

I went with their standard combo and that’s the Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Fatty Short Beef Plate Slice with Hot Special Pork Bone Chicken Soup Hot Pot Soup. Price for this is $18 plus tax and it comes with the drink. The hot pot soup for this flavour does not cost anything extra. There’s already some stuff inside the hot pot soup when they bring it out. You also get a plate of raw food that you can put in the hot pot too. The soup has chicken ball, stuffed shrimp ball, fish tofu, fish ball, corn, smooth tofu, enoki mushroom, deep fried tofu skin, cabbage, lotus root, shiitake mushroom and cilantro.

You get a raw vegetable platter that has some vegetables, tomato, deep fried bean curd, shrimp and tofu puff. For the starch option, I went with the hand made noodles. You also get about 12 pieces of raw beef slices.

I thought the soup was a little bland and there wasn’t much flavour. Perhaps adding some extra sauces from the sauce bar would make it taste better. I recommend maybe putting some satay sauce in their or other types of sauces depending on your preference.

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Assorted Seafood Platter with Hot Special Pork Bone Chicken Soup Hot Pot Soup Combo Review (Combo Price: $0 Soup Base + $24 Seafood Platter)

The Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Assorted Seafood Platter Combo come with abalone, cuttlefish, mussel, scallop, Basa fish fillet, squid, shrimp and surf clam. It is served in a bowl filled with lots of ice. For the carbs, we went with the vermicelli. We also got the raw vegetable bowl and the same soup option as the previous item we ordered.

The seafood was quite fresh and it was nice that there was some stuff that usually cost a little more. These include abalone, surf clam and scallop.

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Ice Cream Cone Dessert Review (Price: Complimentary)

When you ask for the bill, they will give you Ice Cream Cones as dessert. These appear to be just a generic ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream that they just scoop. It was still nice to get this though.

Overall, Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 is quite economical and have a reasonable cost if you order the basic meat and the free soup option. You can get a hot pot combo with soup for $18 and that includes drink and dessert. Of course, if you choose a different soup flavour and other protein options, it can go at a higher price from $25-35. If you go near the start of lunch time, you probably don’t have to wait. However, it does get busy and they currently aren’t taking reservations during their soft opening period. Dinner time can get quite busy.

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 Address & Location

Pot Empire 喜鼎燒鍋 is located at 4877 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4T2, Canada. There is street parking available but it cost money. We recommend parking at Metrotown Mall and walking over.

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