BBQ King Delight serves various Chinese Cantonese BBQ meats and rice plates. I wouldn’t really classify it as a restaurant but more as a takeout place. Check out BBQ King Delight review below!

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BBQ King Delight Roasted Pork (Hong Kong Style Crispy Skin) with House Roasted Pork Sauce 1oz: Uber Eats Price: $17.95/lb

I got one pound of BBQ King Delight Roasted Pork (Hong Kong Style Crispy Skin). It comes with a complimentary 1oz of House Roasted Pork Sauce. The Uber Eats price was $17.95/lb but you can probably get it cheaper if you order directly at the store. I had a coupon on Uber Eats hence the reason why I ordered from the app.

On the side, I also ordered an extra House Roasted Pork Sauce 1oz ($0.35), Filipino Mang Tomas Sauce 1.5oz ($0.45) and Ginger & Onion Oil Sauce 4oz ($1.25).

I made some white rice myself (not included in the cost) and used half a pound of the roast pork. I put 1oz of House Roasted Pork Sauce and some Filipino Mang Tomas Sauce. It was pretty good. The pork was cold by the time Uber Eats delivered to my home. However, I think you can probably reheat this in an oven to make it more tasty and crispy again. The meat was tender and was not bad. There was some fat as well. The sauces were slightly sweet. I didn’t try the ginger and onion oil sauce yet, but I believe it will taste great as well. Usually this oil sauce is salty.


Overall, the meat was not bad. BBQ King Delight is located at 8973 152 St Unit A, Surrey, BC V3R 4E5. It is in the Fleetwood neighbourhood in Surrey.

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