Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 is near the Metrotown Burnaby area. They serve hot pot soups. You basically choose your own raw ingredients. It then gets weighted and you pay for it. You get to choose a soup broth base too. Check out the Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Burnaby Metrotown location review below.

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Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Price by Weight (Price: $3.99/100 Grams)

The price for the ingredients that you put in your bowl is priced at $3.99 per 100 grams. Normally, 1lb (454 grams) is an average serving for a meal. That would put you at $18.12 plus tax and tips. Soup base broth, sauces and condiments are included. You can adjust the amount of food you get. The more food you get, the more expensive it will be. If your not that hungry, you can get less food.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Raw Ingredients (Price: $3.99/100 Grams)

These are the bowls and utensils that you can use to get your self-serve raw ingredients for the hot pot soup.

They have lots of different types of fish balls, meat balls, shrimp balls and more. There are some cool stuff like shrimp ball with salted egg yolk filling.

There’s also a good selection of meats and seafoods available. There are frog legs too.

You can get some noodles as well. However, this can add to your hot pot weight pretty quickly. Carbs like these are usually not worth the $3.99/100 grams as that’s pretty expensive.

Here’s the selection for various vegetables and tofu products.

Another look at the vegetables.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Soup Broth (Price: Complimentary)

After choosing all your raw ingredients, you go to the cashier counter. You get to choose one soup broth that your ingredients would be cooked in. There’s popular soups like $4 Collagen Bone Broth and #1 Signature Ma La Tang.

They also have some bubble tea drinks available but we didn’t take a picture of them.

After choosing your soup broth, they will weigh the raw ingredients you had. You will then have to pay upfront first. After paying they’ll give you a number stand. The staff will take you to your table.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Condiment Sauces (Price: Complimentary)

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 had several condiment sauces. There’s stuff like sesame oil, cilantro, green onion, garlic, soy sauce, BBQ Satay Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Chili Sauce and Peanut Sauce.

I got some BBQ satay sauce with oyster sauce and sesame oil. I got had a peanut sauce with green onions and cilantro. I also got a side of green onions and cilantro so that I can put some in the soup too.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Sa Cha Broth Satay

I got the Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Sa Cha Broth. Its basically satay soup. The food here weigh about 295 grams so I paid $11.77 plus tax and tips ($3.99/100 grams). I choose mainly stuff that’s not too heavy like hot pot lamb and beef meats. I also had the shrimp ball with salted egg yolk filling. I choose some vegetables like watercress.

The soup broth was pretty good. It made the ingredients taste pretty good.

You get some cold water with a piece of lemon inside. We also asked for hot water as well.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Matcha Ice Cream Cone (Price: Complimentary)

After I finished my hot pot soup meal, I was served with a Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Matcha Ice Cream Cone. Its free and is included with your meal purchase. The matcha ice cream had a lot of matcha green tea flavour and was really soft. The cone taste pretty good too as it was crispy.

Overall, the soups are pretty good and they had a good selection of raw ingredients to choose from. It feels more like a fast causal restaurant with some restaurant service. It doesn’t feel like a full service restaurant as you have to pay first. However, they do have waiters that help bring out your water and hot pot soup.

There’s usually a lineup at this restaurant as its quite popular. Make sure to scan the virtual lineup QR code at the restaurant so that you can lineup virtually. There’s not a lot of space inside the restaurant for you to wait. If its on a cold and rainy day, it might be best to wait in your car and then walk over when its almost your turn.

I like how you can choose how much food you want depending on how hungry you are that day.

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 Restaurant Address & Location

Big Way Hot Pot 大味锅物料理 is located at 7-4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z8. There is meter paid parking on the streets. If your willing to walk a little bit, there’s also some free limited residential parking in the streets.

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