Cactus Club Cafe is an upscale restaurant that serves various Western flavour dishes. I went there during Happy Hour to get their food specials. Happy Hour is every day from 2-5pm –5pm and Sunday to Thursday 9:30pm to closing. Check out our Cactus Club Cafe North Burnaby Brentwood restaurant review below.

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Cactus Club Cafe Cajun Chicken Sandwich Burger & French Fries Happy Hour Review (Happy Hour Price: $14.25)

I got the Cactus Club Cafe Cajun Chicken Sandwich Burger. For the side, it comes with complimentary French fries. Though, you can change the side for other things like salad, yam fries and more for an additional charge.

The Cactus Club Cafe Cajun Chicken Sandwich Burger features Cajun blackened chicken, mayo, tomato, lettuce and aged cheddar. It is on a toasted warm brioche bun. You get a very large piece of slightly charred chicken filet piece that is Cajun flavoured. This was a really tasty and yummy sandwich. The fries are salted with sea salt and is served with ketchup. They are hot and taste great. Price for this burger and fries combo was $14.25 during Happy Hour. I believe it normally goes for $17-$19 during regular hours.

Overall, a nice burger! This Cactus Club Cafe North Burnaby location is located at 4219 B Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, BC, V6C 0A8, Canada. It is near the Amazing Brentwood Town Centre Mall neighbourhood.

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