Some Chatime Canada locations have a limited edition special drink known as Chatime Tiramisu Milk Tea. Most locations used to have it, but it appears to be more limited now. The Chatime Canada location at The Amazing Brentwood Town Centre location had it. Check out our Chatime Canada review along with prices below!

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Chatime Canada Tiramisu Milk Tea with Crystal Boba Review (Price: $6.3 + $0.75 for Crystal Boba Topping)

I got a large cup of Chatime Canada Tiramisu Milk Tea. I requested mines to have no whip cream, no ice and 50% sugar. The topping that I tried was the Crystal Boba. The crystal boba topping was not really my thing as they were a bit large. I prefer pearls, grass jelly or sago. However, its just my personal preference.

The milk tea I believe is their signature one. With the Tiramisu Milk Tea, I believe they add add some Tiramisu syrup. I really like Tiramisu.

Overall, I really like the Chatime Tiramisu Milk Tea. I didn’t really like the Crystal Boba topping so I won’t get this topping next time. The price was a bit expensive as it came out to $7.40 after tax for the drink. But there’s inflation so if you can get a bubble tea for $6, its considered reasonable nowadays.

This Chatime Canada location is located at the Amazing Brentwood Town Centre Mall. It is located in the new food court. The address is 4567 Lougheed Hwy. F8, Burnaby, BC, V5C 3Z6.

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