Chicko Chicken is a Korean fried chicken fast food restaurant. We ordered delivery through skip the dishes so we paid a little more as prices on the app are usually marked up. If you want to save some money, its best to order directly from the restaurant. Check out the Chicko Chicken King George Surrey Central location review below.

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Chicko Chicken Shake Shake Fries with Cheese Seasoning Review (Price: $3.99 on Skip the Dishes or $3.5 In-Stores)

We got the Chicko Chicken Shake Shake Fries. It comes with a side of cheese seasoning. The fries are in a brown paper bag. You basically put the cheese seasoning into the bag and shake it. After shaking it, we poured it into a bowl so that its easier for us to eat. The fries were pretty good and it had a good amount of cheese seasoning flavour. Price for this is $3.99 on Skip the Dishes app or $3.5 in-stores.

Chicko Chicken Half & Half – Soy Garlic and Yangyeom Review (Price: $27.49 on Skip the Dishes or $25 In-Stores)

We got the Chicko Chicken Half and Half. It includes a free can of pop drink. Flavours for the chicken include original, soy garlic, buldak, cheese, yangyeom or haek buldak. For our two flavours, we went with the soy garlic and yangyeom. The two half and half makes up for one full order but we get to try two different flavours. You can choose your chicken to be either boneless or bone-in. we went with the boneless.

The Chicko Chicken Half and Half was deep fried to perfection and the batter was not too thick. Sauces were then put on these chicken. The yangyeom flavour is basically sweet and spicy. The soy garlic basically have some soy sauce and garlic flavour. They taste really good. However, they didn’t include any sides like radish. Most Korean deep fried chicken places would give some radish too. We paid $27.49 plus tax, delivery tips and service charge using the Skip the Dishes app for the Chicko Chicken Half & Half.

Overall, decent chicken. They taste great. Its probably better to order from the restaurant directly to get better prices. However, if you don’t feel like leaving your home, you can order on the delivery apps as well.

Chicko Chicken Surrey Central Address & Location

Chicko Chicken is located near Surrey Central King George. The address is 10541 King George Blvd #2, Surrey, BC, V3T 2X1, Canada.

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