House of Tofu Soup serves various Korean cuisine foods. They are popular for their tofu soups but also have a few other items too. Check out the House of Tofu Soup Burnaby Lougheed location review below.

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House of Tofu Soup Lunch & Dinner Menu

This is the House of Tofu Soup lunch and dinner menu along with the prices.

House of Tofu Soup Banchan Side Dishes (Price: Complimentary)

We got four House of Tofu Soup banchan side dishes. These include potatoes, seaweed, radish and kimchi. If you want more, you can also ask for refills. These Korean banchan side dishes are complimentary and come included with your meal.

House of Tofu Soup Korean Mandeukee Rice Cake with2 Deep Fried Dumplings (Price: $11.50)

For appetizers, we got the House of Tofu Soup Korean Mandeukee Rice Cake with Deep Fried Dumplings. This was priced at $11.50. It included four deep fried dumplings. On the top, they put some Korean rice cakes and onions. you can choose the spiciness level as white, mild or hot. We went with mild. The sauce was slightly spicy but was sweet as well. We really enjoyed the sauce on the rice cakes and the dumplings.

House of Tofu Soup Korean Tofu Soup Mix with Bulgogi Beef Combo (Price: $23.95)

We also got the House of Tofu Soup combo. You can choose your choice of tofu soup and stir-fried protein. We got the House of Tofu Soup Korean Tofu Soup Mix (Seafood & Beef) and Stir-Fry Bulgogi Beef. Price is $23.95. If you order the tofu soup with rice alone, it cost $14.95.

This is the tofu soup. For the spiciness level, we requested ours to be mild. There was a lot of tofu and some beef, mini squid and kimchi. There’s also three small shrimps with shell on it too. This was not bad.

This is the rice that is served with the tofu soup.

This is the stir-fried Bulgogi Beef. You can also choose other protein options like chicken or pork. However, we went with beef. These are slightly sweet and quite tender. There was some onions underneath as well. The portion wasn’t too big and feels more like an appetizer.

Overall, the food was not bad. In the past, they used to give you a raw egg that you can crack into the piping hot tofu soup. However, it appears that they are cutting cost as they no longer give the raw egg to you anymore. )’:

House of Tofu Soup Location & Address

House of Tofu Soup is located at 4563 North Rd #1, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4J5, Canada. It is in a very small plaza and there is very limited parking at the ground level. However, they do have some underground parking too. It is about a 10-15 minutes walk from the Lougheed Town Centre Skytrain Station.

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