Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba serves some pretty decent Mazesoba dry sauce noodle dishes. They are a chain with many locations in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. They are also a global chain with locations in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and more. The chain originated in Japan. Check out the Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood location review along with photos and prices below.

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Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood Menu & Prices Review

The Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood has many options available on their menu. These include rice bowls, ramen noodle soups and of course, their mazesoba. There are also appetizers too. Below is a section of the page featuring their Cheese Mazesoba and Tokyo Mazesoba. You can also swap your noodles for low carb noodle by paying an extra $1.99. Toppings like pork chashu, egg, rice, corn, etc can be requested as well for an extra charge.

Certain noodle and entree items allow you to make it a combo meal. You basically get a small discount on an appetizer or drink.

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood Tokyo Mazesoba Dry Noodle Review (Price: $14.75)

The Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood Tokyo Mazesoba Dry Noodle contains ingredients like spicy minced pork, seaweed flakes, runny egg yolk, green onion, minced garlic, chives, Saba fish grinder and sesame. Of course, there’s also the multi grain noodle that’s freshly made in-house. Presentation wise, it looks pretty good! Price for it is $14.75. However, they currently have summer special limited time offer. This particular dish is available for $11.95 plus tax. Pretty good deal!

Here is what the noodle looks like after you mix it.

When you finish the noodles, you are left with some chives, minced pork, green onions and other leftover condiments. You can request to have white rice to finish off the meal. The white rice is complimentary and can be seen on the right.

You mix the white rice with the leftover sauce and food.

You finish off the meal with the rice mixed together. Pretty smart of them so you don’t waste the chives, green onions and other leftovers.

Overall, the noodles were pretty good. Price was reasonable especially with their summer time promotion.

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood Burnaby Address & Location

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Brentwood is located at 106-1901 Rosser Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 6R6, Canada. It is inside the Madison Centre Mall. There is free underground mall parking that you can enter from the side.

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