Midam Cafe & Bistro is a Korean restaurant with two locations in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a location on West Broadway in Vancouver as well as a location in the Korean Village in the Burnaby Lougheed area. One thing to note is that the Midam Vancouver location is open for lunch and dinner while the Midam Burnaby location is open for dinner only. Check out the Midam Cafe & Bistro Burnaby Lougheed location review below.

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Midam Cafe & Bistro Burnaby Food Menu

This is the Midam Cafe & Bistro Korean food menu. There’s appetizers, soups, noodles, rice bowl, hot pot and Korean fusion pasta.

Midam Cafe & Bistro Burnaby Dessert Menu

This the Midam Cafe & Bistro Korean dessert menu. There’s shaved ice, shakes, smoothies, waffles, toasts, parfaits, drinks and teas.

Midam Cafe & Bistro Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Review (Price: $15)

We got the Midcafe Cafe & Bistro Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. These are homemade by Midam Cafe. There’s seven medium sized deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks in a serving. It is served with sweet chili Thai sauce. It was quite crunchy on the outside and has gooey cheese on the inside. They taste pretty good but this is more on the expensive side. Price is $15 and that’s not a cheap price for an Asian restaurant.

Midam Cafe & Bistro Rose Pasta with Korean Fried Chicken Review (Price: $29)

The Midam Cafe & Bistro Rose Pasta with Korean Fried Chicken comes with Rose Pasta with bacon, raw vegetables, cheese, French fries and deep fried chicken. There’s also some radish on the side as well. I think there’s probably half an order of Korean Fried Chicken in there. These chicken pieces taste pretty good with the Rose sauce. The pasta was delicious with the sauce. Price for this was $29. This can probably serve two people.

Midam Cafe & Bistro Tiramisu Shaved Ice Dessert Review (Price: $16)

The Midam Cafe & Bistro Tiramisu Shaved Ice Dessert has a square piece size of Tiramisu chocolate cake, chocolate flavoured ice cream, half of a strawberry and cocoa corn flakes cereal. The cake, ice cream and shaved ice are topped with chocolate powder. The shaved ice didn’t really had much flavour or sweetness. As such, they give you the condensed sweet milk which you can add to the shaved ice. At the bottom of the shaved ice, there’s still some more cake on there too.

The best part of this dessert item was probably the Tiramisu chocolate cake. It was light and fluffy and had the right amount of chocolate and cream flavours. Price for this is $16. This can probably serve 2-3 people.

Midam Cafe & Bistro Burnaby Location & Address

This Midam Cafe & Bistro location is located at 4501 North Rd #110a, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4R7, Canada. It is hidden from the main view of the plaza and is near the Hannam Supermarket. There is parking in the plaza. However, on weekends and holidays, parking may be limited.

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