Pelican Seafood Restaurant Vancouver serves Cantonese Chinese food. I went in the morning hours and they have the dim sum menu for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Pelican Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Menu & Prices (Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch)

The restaurant reuses their menu sheets. They give you a marker to mark the dim sum items you want on the menu. On the front page of the Pelican Seafood Restaurant dim sum menu, they have 52 food items with various prices. These dim sum food items are cooked in various ways and have different categories. They range from steamed, rice rolls, fried, baked, hot pot rice and desserts.

At the top left hand corner, they are offering 20% off sale for dim sum takeout. This is most likely due to COVID-19 coronavirus. For dine-in, they don’t have any discounts even during weekdays before 11am. In the past, they used to have a dine-in special menu where a few dim sum food items are discounted if you order before 11am. However, they don’t have it anymore.

Pelican Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Menu & Prices (Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch)

On the other side of the Pelican Seafood Restaurant dim sum lunch menu, they have chef specials, congee, rice and noodle. These items are typically larger in size than the traditional dim sum items and are priced a little more expensive. You can order these items after 10:30am.

#23 BBQ Pork Cilantro Rice Roll (Price: $7.50)

The BBQ Pork Cilantro Rice Roll Dim Sum is probably a unique item at Pelican Seafood Restaurant. The traditional steamed rice rolls are placed in a very hot heated pot. When its served, the pot is sizzling. This was a tasty dish as there’s lots of BBQ pork and cilantro wrapped by the rice roll.

#33 Deep Fried Rice Pork Dumplings (Price: $6.50)

Pelican Seafood Restaurant probably has some of the best deep fried rice pork dumplings. They are crispy and there are lots of fillings (pork and veggies) inside the dumpling. There are 3 dumplings in a serving and they usually cut each of them up in half.

#37  Pan Fried Chive & Shrimp Dumplings (Price: $6.99)

The pan fried chive & shrimp dumplings contains just like the name implies – chive and shrimp. The fillings are wrapped with a soft wrapper. They are then pan fried to give a bit of a crispy side on the outside. This taste not bad.

Pelican Seafood Restaurant Price & Receipt

The final price of the bill came out to be $20.95 plus tips for three dim sum items. Compared to Fortune City Seafood Restaurant in East Vancouver, Pelican is a bit more expensive for regular price items. They also don’t have any discounts even if you order before 11am on weekdays.

Overall, not a bad brunch for two people. The food was quite fresh and tasty. Pelican Seafood Restaurant is located at 1895 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1T3, Canada.

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