Romer’s Burger Bar serves various Western burgers, appetizers and entree meals. They are a small chain with three locations in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. The locations include South Vancouver River District, Kitsilano and Port Moody. Check out the Romer’s Burger Bar Port Moody location review below.

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Romer’s Burger Bar Lunch & Dinner Menu

This is the Romer’s Burger Bar Lunch and Dinner Menu. On it, there are salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts and more.

Romer’s Burger Bar Happy Hour Food & Drinks Menu

They also have a happy hour menu where select drinks and food items are discounted. Available everyday from 3-6pm and from 9pm till close.

Romer’s Burger Bar Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2023 Menu

Dine Out Vancouver Festival is an annual event that runs annually in January and February. Many restaurants will offer set menus usually consisting of an appetizer, entree and a dessert item at a fix special price.

Romer’s Burger Bar is having Dine Out Vancouver 2023 special and below is the menu. This menu is available during lunch and dinner. We ordered from the Dine Out Vancouver menu to try some of their food selections. We got two $35 dine out Vancouver set meals.

Romer’s Burger Bar Dining Interior Area Room

This is how the Romer’s Burger Bar Port Moody dining interior area looks like. It has a nice cozy lodge cabin feel.

Romer’s Burger Bar Cauliflower Hot Wings Appetizer Review

The Romer’s Burger Bar Cauliflower Hot Wings Appetizer contains many pieces of cauliflower vegetables that are deep fried with batter. The shape of them look like chicken wings too. The dipping sauces include hot butter sauce and ranch sauce. They were pretty good and a great way to start off your meal.

Romer’s Burger Bar Romers Famous Meatballs Appetizer Review

The Romer’s Burger Bar Romers Famous Meatballs Appetizer contains classic meatballs made of pork and beef. It comes with their R Voodoo sauce. There’s also small cut up pieces of soft warm tortilla shells too. You can cut up the meatballs and put some of it on the tortilla shell. The meatball flavouring was not really my style, but other people may like it though. There are four meatballs in a serving.

Romer’s Burger Bar Rigatoni Arrabiata Entree Review

The Romer’s Burger Bar Rigatoni Arrabiata Entree contains Rigatoni tube shaped pasta made with red sauce. There’s also stuff like Romer’s home made Italian sausage, Calabrian chilis and onions. It is served with two pieces of garlic toast. The sauce taste like marinara  meat sauce which was pretty good.

Romer’s Burger Bar Chicken Parmesan Entree Review

The Romer’s Burger Bar Chicken Parmesan Entree contains spaghetti pasta with garlic olive oil. There’s two deep fried parmesan crusted chicken breasts. On these breaded chicken, there’s tomato basil marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. There’s also two pieces of garlic bread toast too. The spaghetti taste pretty good as its not common you get pasta combined with garlic olive oil. The chicken was pretty good with the tomato sauce and cheese too.

Romer’s Burger Bar Romers Drunken Donuts Dessert Review

The Romer’s Drunken Donuts Dessert has 5 mini donuts that are deep fried. It is sprinkled and mixed with icing sugar. You get to choose 1 of 3 dipping sauces and they are lemon custard, caramel or Chocolate Nutella. I like how the donuts are warm meaning they are freshly deep fried.

Romer’s Burger Bar Gluten-Free Brownie Dessert Review

The Romer’s Burger Bar Gluten-Free Brownie Dessert contains a dark chocolate piece containing salted caramel. It is then baked. On the top, vanilla ice cream and lemon custard are drizzled on top. I like how the brownie is warm and that it is sweet and salty. The presentation of this was not bad too.

Overall, for the two of us, we paid $70 plus tax and tips for everything ($35/person). Not a bad price considering what we got to try. The food was alright and if you are looking to satisfy your taste buds and have a good meal, then you made want to head to Romer’s Burger Bar.

Romer’s Burger Bar Address & Location

Romer’s Burger Bar is located at 101 Morrissey Rd, Port Moody, BC, V3H 5N1, Canada. There isn’t much free parking within the plaza. However, we did manage to find a nearby residential street with free parking.

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