Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) serves various Hong Kong HK Style Chinese Cantonese Food. They are a fast food chain with many outlets in Greater Vancouver. Note that each location has different prices and slightly different menu items. Though, most of them have similar items. Check out the Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Richmond Centre Mall food court location review below.

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This is how the Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) food court stall in Richmond Centre Mall looks like.

This is the Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Richmond Centre Mall menu. It has all the prices for the food items that they sell.

Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Crispy Deep Fried Chicken Wings Review (Price: $6.51 for 3 wings)

The Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Crispy Deep Fried Chicken Wings are full sized chicken wings. Each chicken wing has three parts including drumette, wingette and tip. The wings are deep fried and the batter it is in taste pretty good. I believe they put garlic, ginger and salt in the batter mix.

These chicken wings are served with sweet chili Thai sauce. Though, I think the chicken wings taste great even without the sauce! Price is $6.51 for 3 wings. You can also order more wings at a better price.

Note that not all Bubble Waffle Cafe locations sell these crispy deep fried chicken wings.

Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Pork & Mushroom Siu Mai Dumplings Review (Price: $6.80)

The Bubble Waffle Cafe (雞蛋仔餐廳) Pork & Mushroom Siu Mai Dumplings has 8 pieces. There’s pork and shiitake mushrooms in these dumplings. The dumplings are wrapped in yellow wonton wraps and are then steamed. They didn’t give any dipping sauce for these dumplings but I think they taste alright even without it. Usually, these Siu Mai dumplings are served with soy sauce and chili oil. Price is $6.80 for these dumplings.

Again, these pork & mushroom Siu Mai dumplings are not sold at all Bubble Waffle Cafe locations.

The Bubble Waffle Cafe restaurants that are located with more Chinese and Asian population usually have a wider variety of food. Most Bubble Waffle Cafe locations will for sure carry standard noodle soups and rice dishes. If you download the Bubble Waffle Cafe app and order there, you can get an extra 10% off. You can also order on their website as well.

Overall, they had some nice decent snacks that are at a reasonable price. Bubble Waffle Cafe Richmond Centre Mall (雞蛋仔餐廳) is located at 6551 No. 3 Rd F102, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B6, Canada. The stall is at the Richmond Centre Mall food court area.

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