I went to Chinese Fortune City Seafood Restaurant in East Vancouver, BC for Dim Sum Breakfast/Lunch (Brunch). Below is the Fortune City Seafood Restaurant menu, price and review.

Minimum wage went up in British Columbia from $14.60 in 2020 to $15.20 in 2021. I went to Fortune City Seafood Restaurant last year in Fall 2020 and comparing the menu, prices have definitely went up. In addition, many of the dim sum classifications (small, medium, large, special, extra special dim sum) have been raised as well (basically higher prices now). Tea price per person went up from $0.8 to $0.9 now.

Fortune City Seafood Restaurant Menu & Prices (Dim Sum/Lunch)

Here is the Fortune City Seafood Restaurant dim sum menu and prices. They are traditional dim sum items cooked through various methods like steamed, baked, pan fried, deep fried, etc. Note that they also have weekday specials for dine-in. If you order before 11am on weekdays, you can get 20% off on regular priced dim sum dishes.

In addition, they have four items available at a deep discount (right side of menu). You have to order before 11am on weekdays for these specials. If you spend $10, you can order one discounted dish. If you spend $15, you can order two discounted dishes and so on. For example, the Steamed Pork Dumplings (Siu Mai/Shao Mai) is priced at a deep discount at $4.20.

Here is the other side of the Fortune City Seafood Restaurant dim sum lunch menu. On this other side, they also have several dishes at a deep discount (right side of menu). They are valid on weekdays AND Saturdays after 1:30pm. Spend $10 or more and you can order multiple dishes at a deep discount. The selection includes some dim sum, congee, fried rice and fried noodle.

#2 Steamed Pork Dumplings with Tobiko: Siu Mai/Shao Mai (Special Dim Sum Classification Price: $6.75)

These juicy steamed pork dumplings with tobiko (Siu Mai/Shao Mai) were not bad. They contain pork and shrimp on a yellow wonton skin. There are four dumplings in this dim sum.

#8 Steamed Mince Pork Rissoles with Peanuts Dumplings (Large Dim Sum Classification Price: $6.5)

These dumplings contain peanuts, pork and some vegetables. Best to enjoy these when they are hot as once they get cold, the skin gets hard. There was lots of filling inside these dumplings.

#36 Rice Flour Rolls with Crispy Bean Curd and Fish Paste (Special Dim Sum Classification Price: $6.75)

One of my favourite rice flour rolls is the ones with crispy bean curd and fish paste. The fish paste is wrapped around bean curd that is then deep fried. After which, it is wrapped with steamed rice flour. Its served with peanut sauce, hoisin sauce and soy sauce.

Here is the receipt along with the prices for the three dim sum items. We ordered before 11am on a weekday. As such, we got 20% off the two regular priced dim sum items. We also got the Pork Dumpling (Siu Mai) at the discounted price of $4.20. Tea price is $0.9 per person and there’s no discount on that.

Final Impressions & Conclusion 

From the looks of thing, Fortune City Seafood Restaurant menu prices have definitely went up from 5-10% since last year in Fall 2020. COVID-19 coronavirus and minimum wage increase has definitely increased a lot of the prices at restaurants and food places. However, Fortune City Seafood Restaurant prices are still pretty good value for the quality and quantity that you get. Three dim sum items can satisfy two people that don’t eat too much. Four dim sum (2 per person) is usually more ideal though. We hope you enjoyed the Fortune City Seafood Restaurant review! (:

Fortune City Seafood Restaurant is located at 2800 East 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4P3, Canada. Its at the 1st Avenue Marketplace Plaza at the top floor.

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