Fortune City Seafood Restaurant is currently closed every Wednesday (probably due to not enough business during weekdays due to COVID). As such, we decided to go to the nearby Chinese Prince Seafood Restaurant. Prince Seafood Restaurant is considered an upper class high quality dim sum Chinese restaurant. The dining area is more elegant and the same goes with their menu prices. We headed there during the morning/brunch hours to get their dim sum items. Dim sum items are usually only served during breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Lunch Menu & Prices 2021

Below is the 2021 Prince Seafood Restaurant dim sum menu with prices. There are various dim sum dishes available and many are classified with prices as either small ($5.38), medium ($6.98), large ($7.98), special ($8.98), SL ($9.98) and SX ($12.98). Majority of the items are at least in the large dim sum price category or even more expensive. Most of the small dim sum price items are deserts only.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Lunch Chef’s Special Menu & Prices 2021

On the back of the menu, it has more food items. This time, the food items are primarily chef’s specials, soup noodles, fried rice and fried noodles.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Pan Fried Pork Bun (Large Dim Sum Price: $7.98)

Prince Seafood Restaurant Pan Fried Pork Bun dim sum is a bit unique as the bun has two different colours. Half of it is coloured black while the other half is coloured like traditional white buns. On the inside, the bun has really tasty meat inside. The bun on the outside is slightly crispy as it has been pan fried. A solid dim sum dish with 4 buns in a serving.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Free Range Chicken with Chinese Herbal Steamed Rice on Lotus Leaf (Price: $10.98)

It was a weekday so we were able to order the Prince Seafood Restaurant Free Range Chicken with Chinese Herbal Steamed Rice on Lotus Leaf. This item is only available Monday to Friday and excludes holiday. The special price is $10.98. There is rice, free range chicken with bones, Chinese herbs, vegetables and rice on lotus leaf. It is then steamed for a bit. The dish is served with soy sauce as well.

From the taste of it, you can definitely tell that they didn’t steam this dish raw from the lotus leaf. Most likely, they put all the cooked toppings on the lotus leaf and then just steamed it for a few minutes. Regardless, it was still a not bad dish and can fill you up.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Deep Fried Dried Shrimp & Pork Dumplings Carrot Shape (Large Dim Sum Price: $7.98)

This was a really fun and cool dim sum! Prince Seafood Restaurant Deep Fried Dried Shrimp & Pork Dumplings Carrot Shape have two carrot shaped dumplings that are orange while two are slightly dark green. They each have cilantro on the top to imitate the carrot. The dumpling itself is crispy from being deep fried. On the inside, it has dried shrimp and pork. A pretty neat dish that will definitely be popular with the kids.

Prince Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Receipt & Prices 2021 

Tea price was quite expensive at $1.50 per person. For dim sum prices, its considered to be quite expensive. We didn’t get any discounts even though we ordered at 10:30 am. Apparently, they have something like 10-15% off dim sum on weekdays if you leave the dine-in table before 11am. Obviously, we couldn’t finish our food in time when we just ordered at 10:31 am. Its quite strange that they wouldn’t give you the discount if you ask for the bill before 11am.

Overall, it was a nice meal at Prince Seafood Restaurant. I probably wouldn’t go here on a regular basis as it can be quite heavy on the wallet. The dine-in environment is good for when you are meeting friends or some special people. Prince Seafood Restaurant is located at 2881 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2E1, Canada.

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