Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant serves various dishes in BBQ, hot soups and more. In this review, we will look at Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant lunch and dinner menu and food items. Check out the Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant location review below.

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Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant Menu & Prices Review

This is the Jejudo Korean BBQ Resturant Lunch Special combo items. Available between 11:30-3:30pm.

This is the Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant menu for BBQ items and BBQ combos and sets.

This is the Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant menu for appetizers/sides, meals, single dish items and special menu.

Jejudo Korean BBQ Restaurant Menu & Prices Review

We went with the Jejudo Korean BBQ Family Set for 3-4. Price is $189 plus tax and tips. It includes 200 grams of Bul-jib Pork Belly, 300 grams Marinated Pork Collar, 2 Pieces of Marinated Beef Short Ribs, 200 grams of Beef Rib Fingers, 200 grams of Pork Jowl, 300 grams of Marinated Chicken BBQ, 8 pieces BBQ Shrimps (we only got like three pieces though it seems like), 4 pieces BBQ Scallops, Bean Paste Soup and Stone Pot Rice for 3.

Each person gets their own dipping sauces and condiments for the Korean BBQ items. There some sweet sauce and chilli paste.

You also get some garlic, spicy peppers and sauce for the lettuce wraps.

You get raw lettuce wraps to wrap your BBQ meats and sauces.

We got two stone pot rices to feed four people. Shown here is just one stone pot rice.

We also got some salad as well.

There’s also a seaweed with green onion salad. This one is a little spicy.

Complimentary Banchan Side Dishes are also included. these include bean sprouts, radish and kimchi. Though, keep in mind that these side dishes can vary daily. You can ask for refills for these for free as well.

There is also a side cream corn with peas that they give you. They put it on the BBQ stove so that it can heat up.

This is the Korean Bean Tofu Paste Soup that you get. This is quite tasty. There’s items like cucumbers, tofu, green onions and more. It was a flavourful soup.

Here are the raw Korean BBQ meats. Here, we get Shrimp, Scallops, Beef Rib Fingers, Beef Short Ribs and Bul-jib Pork Belly. There’s also some enoki mushroom, asparagus and pumpkin too. The presentation for the meats are presented really nicely and are rolled up.

Here are the other Korean BBQ meats and they include Pork Jowl and Chicken.

Here, we have the beef rib fingers being cooked.

Scissors and thongs are provided so you can cut the pieces into smaller bites. They change your grill once it gets a bit sticky.

Below is a picture of a BBQ shrimp with rice and all the sides and sauces.

Overall, the meal was great and delicious. However, Korean BBQ especially at this restaurant is a little more on the pricer end. The quality was pretty good though.

Jejudo BBQ Restaurant Burnaby North Road Address & Location

Jejudo Korean Restaurant is located at 4501 North Rd #220, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4R7, Canada. There is free parking within the plaza. Though, it may be a little had to find parking during peak hours.

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