Dae Ji Cutlet House Restaurant is a Korean fusion restaurant. They have several locations in Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada. They are famous for their deep fried cutlets. Although there is now dine-in service available at restaurants in British Columbia, Dae Ji Cutlet serves your food in takeout containers still. You also have to pay in advance first before they serve you your food. In the past, servers would come and take your order and then serve your food in plates. I guess with COVID, they aren’t able to offer the full service experience.

Dae Ji Cutlet Pizza Pork Cutlet Entree ($15.99)

I ordered the Dae Ji Cutlet Pizza Pork Cutlet. It is part of the special cutlets on their menu so it is priced a little more than their standard cutlets. The dish features two deep fried crispy pork cutlet with pizza toppings (tomatoes and cheese) on top. Gravy is poured over the pork chop cutlet. There are also some sides with it including a salad with thousand island dressing. Another side is corn and macaroni salad with two slices of yellow radish. You eat this all with white rice.

The deep fried pork chop with all the pizza toppings and gravy taste delicious. The sides were not bad too. This entrée is pretty filling as the two pork chop cutlets are pretty big.

Dae Ji Cutlet Omelet Rice ($14.99)

The other entrée that we ordered was the Omelet Rice. It has the same sides (salad, corn & macaroni salad) as the Pizza Pork Cutlet. The difference is you get a Miso soup instead of white rice. The regular omelet rice contains fried rice with pork wrapped in an egg omelet. It is then drenched in ketchup and gravy. The server for the omelet rice is huge.

Here is the receipt showing the prices of the menu items that we ordered.

Overall, it was a really nice warm meal. You can’t really go wrong with gravy as it taste so good. Great portion sizes and prices are reasonable. Though, if you find that the sizes are too big, they do have the one piece cutlet option instead of the standard two pieces.

This Dae Ji Cutlet House Korean restaurant is located at 4883 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4T5, Canada. It is across from the Metrotown Mall.

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