For a limited time only, A&W Canada is launching their latest turnover pie edition with Nestle! They are offering the A&W Coffee Crisp Chocolate Turnover Pie 2022. This was just launched recently and should last for the next few weeks probably until around mid March 2022.

The A&W Coffee Crisp Chocolate Turnover Pie is served warm and the outer section is crispy. Inside, there’s a Coffee Crisp chocolate filling. Those who love Nestle Coffee Crisp Waffle Chocolate Bars will definitely see this new twist at A&W.

Each A&W Chocolate Coffee Crisp Turnover Pie contains 340 calories. It has 24 grams of fat and 2.80 grams of protein. Other A&W Coffee Crisp Chocolate Turnover nutrition details can be found here.

A&W has other turnover pies as well. Their classic is the A&W Apple Turnover and that is usually priced at around the $1.74 CAD range. The A&W Coffee Crisp Chocolate Turnover should be priced around the same as well. However, restaurant prices can vary depending on location and region.

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