Tim Hortons fast food chain restaurant has started a new Justin Bieber collaboration partnership. For a limited time only, are offering a variety of Justin Bieber themed food products. These food products are also packaged with Justin Bieber Tim Hortons themed logos. Justin Bieber is a popular Canadian singer.

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Tim Hortons Canada Timbits Timbiebs Donuts Review

Tim Hortons Timbits Timbiebs Donuts price is $3.49 for the 10 piece pack. If you order each one individually, they cost $0.49 each. Note that these Tim Hortons Justin Bieber Timbits are priced a little higher than the regular Timbits. The regular Timbits cost $0.33 each or $2.79 for the 10 pack version.

The Tim Hortons Timbiebs Timbits contains extra toppings and sugar at the surface of each Timbit compared to the regular ones. There are three Justin Bieber Timbits to choose from including the Chocolate White Fudge Timbieb, Birthday Cake Waffle Timbieb and Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Timbieb. These taste a little sweeter than the regular Timbits but they’re not bad.

I really enjoyed the Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Timbieb and Chocolate White Fudge Timbieb.

Tim Hortons Canada Biebs Cold Brew Review

Tim Hortons Biebs Cold Brew price is $2.79 for small, $3.19 for medium and $3.69 for large. It comes default with cream. However, you can choose other dairy options like milk, almond beverage or oat beverage. This is essentially the regular Tim Hortons Cold Brew but with added French Vanilla flavours. Its quite similar to the McDonald’s Canada Vanilla Iced Coffee.

Tim Hortons Canada Justin Bieber June 2022 Reward Points Offer Deal

From now until June 19, 2022, you can get double the Tim Hortons reward points (20 total points instead of 10 points) when you purchase a 10 pack Timbiebs Timbits and a Biebs Cold Brew of any size. You can activate this promo offer in the Tim Hortons Canada app. Offer can be used multiple times during the promotional period.

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