Costco Surrey has a food court in addition to the groceries and household items that it sells. Many other Costco Canada stores also have food courts where they serve fast food as well. You do not need Costco membership to purchase food items at the food court. Check out the Costco Surrey Food Court location review below.

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This is how the Costco Food Court looks like. There’s basically several items that you can order. Its like fast food as they prepare it right away. There are some self-serve kiosks that you can order your food from.

Costco Surrey Hot Dog & Pop Combo Deal (Price: $1.50)

One of their better deals would be the 1/4 pound plus hot dog with 20 ounce soft drink pop. For the hot dog, you can choose your choice of polish sausage or beef. I went with the polish sausage version. For the pop, you can get refills as well. Price for the hot dog and pop is only $1.50. This is even cheaper than a lot of fast food restaurants. You can’t beat a deal like this!

Below is the packaging for the hot dog. For the pop, I got brisk iced lemon tea. You have to get the soft drink yourself. There are several pop options available. There’s also condiments like relish sauce, ketchup and mustard. I got some relish sauce.

Here’s what the hot dog looks like. It was a big hot dog and can be a meal already.

Overall, really good value food at Costco and the hot dog taste great too.

Costco Surrey Food Court Address & Location

Costco Surrey is located at 7423 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, V3W 5A8, Canada. It is sometimes difficult to find parking. We recommend going there in the evenings or early mornings on a weekday. This is a really busy Costco store.

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