Deer Gardens Fish Noodle Signatures Restaurant is a HK Chinese style chain restaurant with several outlets in British Columbia and Ontario. It is one of my favourite restaurants in terms of value, quality and price. Instead of ordering their signature Fish Noodle Soups this time, I got the Western meals that you can customize. Below is the Deer Gardens Signatures Burnaby review along with prices.

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Deer Gardens Signatures Grill Unagi with Wild Mushroom Black Peppercorn Sauce Rice & Horlick Drink Review (Price: $12.75 with free hot drink)

For the Western Asian fusion meals, you can choose your choice of protein, sauce and carbs. I got the Grill Unagi with Wild Mushroom Black Peppercorn Sauce. It is served with rice and some vegetables including cucumbers and corn. I really like the Black Peppercorn Wild Mushroom Sauce on the rice. The Unagi was warm and taste pretty good too.

The meal comes with a complimentary hot drink. For an extra $1 more, you can get a cold drink. I got Hot Horlick so there was no extra charge.

Overall, a great meal at Deer Garden Signatures as always. This Deer Gardens chain restaurant location was at 7150 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5E 2W5, Canada.

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