We recently went for a trip in Toronto, Ontario. We went for about 9 days so for the next several reviews, it will primarily be based in Toronto. After this, we’ll be back to our regular Greater Vancouver (BC) restaurant reviews. In Ontario, you have to pay 13% HST tax on your food which is higher than the 5% GST tax on food in British Columbia.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips serves some pretty crispy and tasty Fish & Chips. Check out the Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Scarborough location review below.

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Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips offers both dine-in and takeout service. However, even for dine-in, your expected to go back to the front of the store and order from the menu there. Apparently, they don’t have any menus for you look at when you are seated. The restaurant inside is a little more old school and is rather small. I would recommend ordering takeout instead of dining in there. Though, we did dine-in there.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Condiments (Price: Complimentary)

The waitress asked us if we wanted to have any lemon juice or tartar sauces. The lemon juice is not a fresh lemon but instead a pre-packaged container. The tartar sauces are in packets and not in a container. Again, it seems like this place is better for takeout. They also have ketchup that you can you for your fries.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Halibut & Chips (Price: $16.80)

The Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Halibut & Chips entree is great for one person. Price is $16.80 which is not expensive but not cheap either. It includes one battered deep fried halibut fish. There is lots of fries provided. The halibut fish taste great. The batter was very crispy and the fish was tender and firm. Remember to put some tartar sauce and lemon juices on the fish first before eating it.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips One Piece of Cod Fish Filet (Price: $9.5)

We also ordered the One Piece of Cod Fish Filet. They were nice enough to include a few extra fries for free too. Price for this one piece of fish is $9.50 which isn’t cheap. Just like the halibut fish, the batter was crispy and the fish was great too. You will notice a difference in the texture and firmness between cod and halibut fish.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Large Coleslaw Side Salad (Price: $3)

Finally, we got the Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Large Coleslaw Side Salad. Price for this is $3. There was a decent amount of lettuce with mayo mixed together. This was not bad but nothing too special.

Overall, the fish and chips at Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips taste pretty good. I really enjoyed the fish. However, its a little pricey considering what you get. The dine-in atmosphere and experience isn’t the greatest either. It definitely feels more like a takeout and fast food place than a place you would dine-in at.

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Address & Location

Doug Duckworth’s Fish & Chips is located at 2638 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON, M4C 1L7, Canada. There is limited parking nearby. But if you walk a little bit, there is some free residential street parking.

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