Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant is popular for their Korean BBQ items and combos. They also have some other Korean food dishes but most people come here for the Korean BBQ Meat Combos. Check out our Insadong Korean BBQ restaurant location review below!

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This is one of the menu pages showing one of the Korean BBQ combos. The combo sizes include 2 people, 4 people or 6 people. We went with the couple for 2 people option. It includes an appetizer green salad, your choice of spicy soft tofu soup or soybean paste tofu soup, two bowls of steamed price, Bulgogi (marinated sliced beef), Neukgansal Jumoolluk (seasoned rib finger), Dak Bulgogi (marinated chicken), Yangnyeom-Galbi (marinated sliced ribs) and La Galbi (marinated beef short ribs).

There’s basically 5 protein in the Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Beef & Chicken Combo and its priced at $69.99 for 2 people. There’s a cheaper combo that’s pork and also some more expensive combos as well.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Green Salad

The Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Green Salad was a decent size serving for two people. There’s green and purple lettuce as well as some crispy pieces. There’s also a house dressing for the salad that’s slightly sweet and tangy.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Condiments & Sauces

Our combo came with several sauces. There’s a sweet sauce that’s like bibimbap sauce. There’s also a pepper lemon flavour sauce as well as a thick sauce that taste a little salty. You also get some spicy peppers and garlic pieces which you can use for the lettuce wraps.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Banchan Side Dishes & Lettuce

There’s also complimentary Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Banchan Side Dishes. Here, we got four of them including sweet potatoes, spicy cucumbers, kimchi and bean sprouts. For our Korean BBQ combo, we also got lettuce so that we can wrap our Korean BBQ meats with it. The side dishes were not bad. We really liked the sweet potatoes.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Soybean Paste Tofu Soup

For our soup option, we went with the Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Soybean Paste Tofu Soup. It had tofu pieces, cucumbers, onions and a very little amount of tiny pork pieces. The soup was slightly spicy and had a good amount of soybean paste flavour.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Rice Bowl

We also got two bowls of Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant rice bowls. They are served in the traditional Korean bowls.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Beef & Chicken Combo, Bulgogi, Rib Finger, Chicken, Sliced Ribs, Beef Short Ribs

The main feature of the combo of course would be the Korean BBQ meats. Here are the Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Beef & Chicken Combo proteins consisting of Bulgogi, Rib Finger, Chicken, Sliced Ribs and Beef Short Ribs. They are all marinated with a slightly sweet sauce. There’s also some onions, mushrooms and a small piece of carrot as well.

There’s a grill where you put the uncooked meats so that it could be cooked. The cooking temperature can be adjusted and the staff will change the grills if your grill starts to look black and burnt.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Lettuce Wrap (Beef/Chicken)

You are also provided with some lettuce which you can wrap the protein Korean BBQ meats. Here, we wrapped the Korean BBQ cooked beef with a garlic piece and sauce.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Overall Review

Overall, there was a lot of food for two people. For Korean BBQ and the amount of food we got, $69.99 is a decent price. The meat quality was pretty good as well. There’s a cheaper $59.99 Korean BBQ Combo for 2 as well and that one is primarily pork.

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant Address & Location

Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant address is located at 403 North Rd #301, Coquitlam, BC, V3K 3V9, Canada. Although it is in the city of Coquitlam, it next to the border of the City of Burnaby. There is some parking in the plaza. However, this usually get filled up during dinner time.

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