We recently went for a trip in Toronto, Ontario. We went for about 9 days so for the next several reviews, it will primarily be based in Toronto. After this, we’ll be back to our regular Greater Vancouver (BC) restaurant reviews. In Ontario, you have to pay 13% HST tax on your food which is higher than the 5% GST tax on food in British Columbia.

Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea serves various bubble tea. They are a bubble tea drink store chain with multiple locations. They have locations in areas like Greater Vancouver (BC) and Greater Toronto (Ontario). Check out the Cafe De Hong Kong 良心冰室 Restaurant Markham Toronto location review below.

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This is the Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea storefront at First Markham Place Mall. It is very close to the food court area.

They had some special deals on some drinks. You can get 2 drinks for only $10. These include Taro, Mango slush, genmaicha milk tea, pudding milk tea, lychee green tea and panda milk tea.

Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea Mango Slush Drink Review (Price: $10 for 2)

The Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea Mango Slush Drink had some fresh mango chunks inside. I believe they also put some mango syrup to make this drink. It was essentially mango syrup slush. This taste not bad. Price for it is $10 for 2 as it was part of a promotion.

Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea Pudding Milk Tea Review (Price: $10 for 2)

The Presotea 鮮茶道 Bubble Tea Pudding Milk Tea had some pudding as well as milk tea. We requested this drink to have light sugar and less ice. This taste pretty good. Price for this is $10 for 2.

Overall, the drinks are solid and you can’t go wrong with their $10 for 2 promotion.

Presotea 鮮茶道 Markham Address & Location

Presotea 鮮茶道 is located at 3255 Hwy 7 F253, Markham, ON, L3R 3P9, Canada. There is lots of free parking at First Markham Place mall. This location is located inside the mall near the food court.

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