Sushi California serves various Japanese sushi and cuisine food items. They have a few locations in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. The location that we went to was the Sushi California Lougheed Coquitlam location. It is near Lougheed Town Centre Mall in Burnaby, BC. Check out the Sushi California Coquitlam location review below.

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Sushi California Coquitlam Menu

This is the Sushi California Coquitlam menu for the Appetizer, Salad, Tempura, Rice, Noodles and Sushi menu. There’s also combination deals as well.

This is the Sushi California Maki Sushi menu. There’s also party items and beverages on this menu side as well.

Sushi California Coquitlam Seafood Salad Review (Price: $9.95)

The Sushi California Coquitlam Seafood Salad contains tako, smoked salmon, crabmeat, ebi, fish roe, rice noodle and wasabi mayo. There are various vegetables including iceberg lettuce, shredded cucumbers, shredded carrots and shredded purple lettuce. It is served with house dressing sauce on the side.

This was a refreshing salad that is quite healthy. Price for this is $9.95 which is not bad. Each of those seafood pieces could probably be used in nigiri sushi.

Sushi California Coquitlam Takoyaki Octopus Ball Appetizer Review (Price: $4.95)

The Sushi California Coquitlam Takoyaki Octopus Ball Appetizer are deep fried octopus balls. On the top, there’s green onion, fish flakes, mayo and teriyaki sauce. There are six pieces in the serving. These taste pretty good as the sauce and flavours blend nicely with the octopus balls. Price is reasonable too at only $4.95.


Sushi California Coquitlam Maki Sushi Dragon Roll & Caterpillar Roll Review (Dragon Roll Price: $11.95; Caterpillar Roll Price: $12.95)

The Sushi California Maki Sushi Dragon Roll & Caterpillar Roll tasted awesome with all the sauces and ingredients.

The dragon roll contains cucumber, tamago egg and crabmeat on the inside. On the outside, there’s unagi, avocado, cooked shrimp, fish roe, teriyaki sauce, mayo and green onions. Price for the dragon roll is $11.95 and there are 8 pieces in this roll.

The caterpillar roll contains prawn tempura and cucumber and mayo on the inside. On the outside, it has avocado, fish roe and teriyaki sauce. Price for this roll was $12.95 and there are 8 pieces.

Both sushi maki rolls are served with wasabi and ginger. However, I didn’t use these as I think the rolls taste great themselves already.

Sushi California Coquitlam Address Location

  • 501 North Rd
  • Coquitlam, BC V3J 1N7
  • Canada

There is very little parking available in the small plaza at the Sushi California Coquitlam location. However, there’s street parking at neighbouring streets and on North Road. You will have to walk a little bit to get to the restaurant.

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