Thai Express is a food court fast food chain restaurant. They serve primarily Thai stir fried noodles, rice and soup noodles.

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This is how the storefront looks like for the Thai Express Guildford Mall Surrey location. There are lots of seats available at the food court for dine-in.

Thai Express has a discovery seasonal daily special menu. Each day, they have an entrée available at a discounted price at $11.88 or $12.88. At the $11.88 duo price, you can get the entree plus either a 20 ounce drink or imperial spring roll. At the $12.88 combo price, you will get the entrée, 20 ounce drink and imperial spring roll. Protein options include chicken, fish, vegetable, tofu or vegan. Other protein options like beef or shrimp will have an additional surcharge.

Thai Express Pad See Ew Beef Stir Fried Noodles & Imperial Spring Roll Review (Price: $11.88 + $0.5 for Beef protein upgrade)

I got the duo $11.88 special. I choose to get a imperial spring roll instead of the 20 ounce drink. The imperial spring roll is deep fried and it has cabbage, carrots and vermicelli noodles. There’s plum sauce to dip the vegetable imperial spring roll as well. This taste ok. Nothing too special about it. I believe they normally charge $3.5 just for the spring roll which is a little expensive.

It was Monday and the daily special was the Pad See Ew noodles. The Thai Express Pad See Ew Stir Fried Noodles come with gai lan (Chinese broccoli/kale vegetable), eggs and broad thick rice noodles. Its mixed with their house brand soy sauce. For the protein option, I choose beef so I had to pay an extra $0.50. This dish was freshly stir-fried in front of me in a cast iron wok. There were lots of flavours in the noodles. A really nice and tasty dish.

Overall, a nice and reasonably priced meal. Thai Express Guildford is located at 10355 152 St, Surrey, BC, V3R 7C1, Canada. It is located on the first floor at the Guildford Town Centre Mall Food Court.

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