Vina Vietnamese Canada s a food court fast food chain that serves various Asian Vietnamese foods. Check out the Vina Vietnamese Surrey Guildford Canada location review below.

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This is how the Vina Vietnamese food court store front looks like at the Surrey Guildford Town Center Mall location. A lot of the rice and noodle plate dishes are already cooked. They just put everything together by getting the rice, noodles, meats and vegetables.

Vina Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli with Spring Roll Price & Review (Price: $13.10)

I got the Vina Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli with Cha Gio Spring Roll. Price is $13.10. The dish has two pieces of lemongrass chicken, romaine lettuce salad, shredded carrots, green onions, vermicelli and Cha Gio Spring Roll. Sweet fish sauce is then poured over the dish.

The Cha Gio Spring Roll is made of bánh tráng clear rice paper wrappers and then deep fried. A lot Vietnamese restaurants these days don’t use the rice paper wrappers anymore and instead use the Chinese spring roll wrappers. The reason is because the clear rice paper wrappers can stick easily to other spring rolls while they are being deep fried. Its also a little hard to store them unfried once they are prepared. Also, the clear rice paper wrappers can get soggy and spoiled quickly if they are not deep fried quickly.

I love Cha Gio Spring Rolls as its slightly chewy on the outside. On the inside, it has pork, carrots and vermicelli noodles. It was very delicious.

Overall, the portion was really generous and was a large serving. I really enjoyed the dish despite that everything was already prepared in advance and that they just assembled it together. Though, it is food court so I guess the food is expected to be made quickly. Vina Vietnamese is located at 10355 152 St, Surrey, BC, V3R 7C1, Canada. It is at the Guildford Mall Food Court area.

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