Yogurt King serves various Yogurt drinks with toppings mixed together. Check out the Yogurt King Richmond location review below.

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Yogurt King Food Court Stall Storefront

This is what Yogurt King storefront looks like in the Aberdeen Centre Mall Food Court.

Yogurt King Purple Rice Yogurt Drink Review (Price: $6.45)

The Yogurt King Purple Rice Yogurt features yogurt, sugar, ice and purple rice all blended together. This taste pretty good. However, it wasn’t as thick as some of the other Yogurt drink places I tried before. They probably put a lot of ice which makes it more diluted. I notice they put some powdering in the blender. Note that this may be flavouring.

Overall, a pretty nice and refreshing drink. No.9 Chinese Restaurant is located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit 3070, Richmond, BC, V6X 0A4, Canada. It is located within the Aberdeen Centre Mall Food Court.

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