Zubu Ramen Bar is conveniently located next to Metrotown Mall (close to the Wal-Mart). They serve ramen, appetizers and more. This is a chain restaurant with a few locations in Greater Vancouver. The restaurant setup is kind of like a bar. In the past, this location was Jinya Ramen Bar. Check out our Zubu Ramen Bar review below along with prices!

Zubu Ramen Bar Mazesoba Review (Price: $14.50)

The Zubu Ramen Bar Mazesoba contains brothless ramen, thick noodle, sansho oil, diced pork chashu, kikurage, bean sprouts, green onion, white onion, spiced crispy garlic oil, dried shrimp and sesame seeds. For some reason, there’s this taste of cumin. I’m not a fan of cumin spice and I think the cause of the this taste is from the sansho oil? However, I’m not exactly sure. People that like cumin flavour would probably have no issues. Regardless, the dry ramen noodle still taste decent with lots of ingredients. Price is $14.50.

Zubu Ramen Bar Bone Marrow Ramen Soup Review (Price: $22.50)

Zubu Ramen Bar Bone Marrow Ramen Soup is a limited time menu available only from May 1st to August 31st, 2021. They have limited quantities per day for this time. It is also available only for dine-in. The ramen contains beef broth, beef bone marrow, thick noodle, roast beef, green onion, kitkurage, dill. The soup and noodles taste not bad. The marrow in the bone taste pretty good but there’s not too much of it. Its a pretty big piece of bone though!

Overall, the noodles were not bad. If you go there during lunch time (11am-2pm) on weekdays, they have $17.50 lunch special. It includes a ramen or rice dish, appetizer and a desert (ice cream). This Zubu Ramen Bar restaurant is located at 4575 Central Blvd M01, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4J5, Canada.

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