Arirang Hot Dog is an international Korean chain that are popular for their specialized deep fried corn dogs. Check out the Arirang Hot Dog Coquitlam Canada location review below.

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Arirang Hot Dog Food Court Storefront Review

This is the storefront of the Arirang Hot Dog at the Food Court. It is decorated like a food truck even though it isn’t a food truck.

Arirang Hot Dog Potato Corn Dog with Mozza & Sausage Filling Review (Price: $5.99 + $1 Mozzarella & Sausage)

I got the Arirang Hot Dog Corn Dog with the potatoes on the outside. Price for it is $5.99. It comes with one filling. I decided to go with two fillings and that cost an extra $1. I choose mozzarella  cheese and sausage. Total price for the Arirang Hot Dog Potato Corn Dog with Mozza & Sausage is $6.99 plus tax.

I would recommend for the outer crust that you don’t get the original as that would just taste like any typical corndogs. Its best that you try the other outer crust toppings like potato, poutine, Oreo, churros or honey twist. It will definitely taste a lot better!

Our Arirang Hot Dog Potato Corn Dog with Mozza & Sausage also comes with a selection of sauces and powders that we can choose. I went with garlic mayo, cheese powder and garlic powder.

The special corndog is served nicely in a small cardboard with a stick. The sauces and powder are drizzled on top. I really like the potato cubes outside the corndog. They taste really crispy as this whole corndog is deep fried.

On the inside, 1/2 of it is mozzarella cheese and the other 1/2 is just a regular sausage. This taste really good.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Arirang Potato Corn Dog with Mozzarella Cheese & Sausage. It was really delicious. You can enjoy it at the tables at the food court.

Arirang Hot Dog Food Court Address & Location

Arirang Hot Dog Canada is located at 1163 Pinetree Way #2082, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 8A9, Canada. The location is at Henderson Place Mall in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. It is located at the food court section of the mall. There is free parking available at the mall.

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