I passed by Lougheed Town Centre Mall in Burnaby today. I decided to grab some takeout at the HK Bubble Waffle Cafe at Lougheed Mall since the one at Brentwood Town Centre Mall is shut down. Bubble Waffle Cafe is a Hong Kong food restaurant. The quality is kind of a blend of fast food and restaurant style. Check out the Bubble Waffle Cafe Lougheed Town Centre Mall review below.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Hainanese Chicken Rice, Cold Milk Tea, Bubble Waffle Review

The Hainanese Chicken Rice combo comes with a cold milk tea priced at $11.95 plus tax. You can also add $1.5 extra for a bubble waffle. I added the bubble waffle.

The Hainanese Chicken is boneless which is awesome. It also comes with ginger and some sweet spicy sauce. The rice is a bit more rough and is not white rice. The chicken was smooth, but there’s a bit of oily fat skin on it. The chicken tasted pretty good with the sauces.

The cold milk tea is Hong Kong style which I believe they use condensed milk instead of fresh milk. I asked for no ice. You can also adjust the sugar level if you like.

I also got the $1.5 extra bubble waffle. It was nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They look like mini chicken eggs just like the Chinese name of the Bubble Waffle. This is a good desert as its not too sweet.

Overall, a great delicious Hong Kong style meal.

Bubble Waffle Cafe is located at 9855 Austin Ave #229, Burnaby, BC, V3J 1N5, Canada on the second floor. It is serviced by the Lougheed Town Centre Station on the Rapid Transit Tranlink Expo & Millennium Train Line.

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