C Market Coffee Shop serves breakfast sandwiches, brunch meals and various hot and cold drinks. They also have dessert cakes and more. Check out the C Market Coffee Shop Port Coquitlam location review below.

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C Market Coffee Tiramisu Latte Cold Drink Review (Price: $6)

The C Market Coffee Tiramisu Latte Cold Drink comes in a small cup. It contains a few pumps of chocolate syrup, your choice of diary option, whipped cream, coffee mix and chocolate powder. I requested mines to have no ice and to be made with skim milk. Price for the Tiramisu Latte is $6. This was a refreshing drink. I really enjoyed the cream at the end as it had a lot of chocolate and coffee flavours. The restaurant shop is like a food court setting where you order and pay first. After that, you go and grab your food.

C Market Coffee Shop Address & Location

C Market Coffee Shop is located at 100 Schoolhouse St #111, Coquitlam, BC, V3K 6V9, Canada. It is within the Port Coquitlam area. There is lots of free parking within the plaza and the location is close to the number one Canada highway.

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