Gong Cha is a Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant store chain with many locations around the world. Check out the Gong Cha Coquitlam location review below.

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Gong Cha has many different types of toppings available for your bubble tea drink. These include grass jelly, pudding, aloe, mango pearls, pearls, strawberry pearls, coconut jelly, ai-yu jelly, white pearls and basil seeds.

Gong Cha Chocolate Bubble Milk Tea with Mango Pearls Review (Price: $6.99)

I got the Gong Cha Chocolate Bubble Milk Tea and I requested to add the mango pearls topping. Price for this large size drink is $6.99. This drink taste like chocolate milk except it also has some tea flavour. It was hard to taste the mango pearls as the chocolate flavour is stronger than the mango pearls. I probably should not have asked for mango pearls for this drink. However, the mango pearls were pretty delicious tasty. You can never go wrong with flavoured pearls. Overall, it was a nice drink.

The Gong Cha Coquitlam branch also has some dine-in seating available. This is a nice place to hang out with friends while you socialize.

Gong Cha Coquitlam Canada Address & Location

Gong Cha Coquitlam is located at 290-1175 Johnson St, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7K1, Canada. It is in another plaza across from Coquitlam Centre Mall. There is free parking in the plaza.

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