Harbour Oyster + Bar is a Western restaurant that are popular for their oyster and seafood dishes. The restaurant is very small and they don’t take reservations. We went on a Friday night at around 7:30pm and didn’t have to wait. We were lucky as we got the last table. Check out the Harbour Oyster + Bar Vancouver Commercial Drive, BC, Canada photos, menu and location review below.

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Harbour Oyster + Bar Menu

This is the Harbour Oyster + Bar Menu. This is the menu for both lunch time and dinner. They have another menu for lunch/happy hour but we went during dinner time. On this page, they have snacks, shares, handhelds, mains and dessert. They also have a menu for drinks but I didn’t take a picture of that.

Harbour Oyster + Bar is popular for their raw oysters. They are $2 during lunch time/happy hour from 11am-5pm. Not too bad for $2! During dinner time, they’re priced at $3.5+ each. There’s quite a few dipping sauces available that you can use for your raw oysters.

Harbour Oyster + Bar Oyster Rockefeller (Price: $19)

We first started off with the appetizer and shareable Harbour Oyster + Bar Baked Oyster Rockefeller. Price is $19 and you get four oysters that are baked. They come with bacon, shallots, grana padano cheese, panko and spinach. These taste really good as they’re served hot. However, it does get quite pricey.

Harbour Oyster + Bar Crab Cakes & Salad (Price: $23)

The Harbour Oyster + Bar Crab Cakes & Salad price is $23. This is quite a disappointing dish considering the price we paid for. The crab cakes feel like they’re from the frozen deep fried seafood that you can buy at Superstore or Wal-Mart. All you had to do was just reheat it in the oven. These don’t taste that fresh and was a little salty too. The sauce that they put on it along with the garnishes like corn and tomatoes was a nice touch though. The salad was not bad either. But the crab cakes were bad.

Harbour Oyster + Bar Lobster Prawn Rolls (Price: $22 + $4 Boston Chowda Soup)

The Harbour Oyster + Bar Lobster Prawn Rolls price is $22. It comes with fries. Alternatively, you can substitute it for a Caesar salad for $3 more or a soup for $4 more. We substitute our fries for the Boston Chowda (Clam Chowder Soup) for an extra $4. The soup was pretty good as it had some corn and tomatoes in it. There were about 3-4 clams inside. There was also some potatoes too. It was a nice creamy soup.

The lobster prawn rolls come with lobster, prawn, lettuce and brioche buns. Its basically a salad mix as there was celery mixed with the lobster and prawn. These taste not bad. However, I prefer if they just went with only as a lobster roll.

Overall, the food was not bad. The worst was the crab cakes so I wouldn’t recommend ordering that. The lobster and prawn rolls, Boston Chowda Soup and Baked Oyster Rockefeller were all solid choices though. Depending on what you order, it can get pricey though.

Harbour Oyster + Bar Address & Location

Harbour Oyster + Bar is located at 1408 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3X9, Canada. There is paid street parking nearby. You can probably park in the inner residential streets as there’s free parking in some of the residential streets.

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