FreshSlice Pizza is a fast food pizza chain located primarily in the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia area. They have many locations in Metro Vancouver. Check out the FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall Surrey Canada location review below.

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FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall Food Court Storefront Review

This is the FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall storefront. It is usually quite busy during lunch and dinner hours. They have lots of pizza that they can quickly heat up in the oven within a few minutes. They also freshly make custom whole pizzas, cheesy breads and more too.

FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall Feast Pizza – Butter Chicken & Meat Lovers (Price: $3.5 each)

FreshSlice Feast Pizza Slices are $3.50 each. The classic pizza slices are $3 each. For a two slice feast pizza combo, its $8.25 ($7.25 for classic). It includes two pieces of feast pizza and a drink. I believe if you order on their FreshSlice Pizza App, it is a little more expensive. The feast pizzas usually have more toppings or sauces and are more unique compared to the classic slices.

I did have some FreshSlice coupons on the app and was able to get the two feast pizza slices for only $4 plus tax. Not too bad for only $2/slice! You can also collect 5% cashback rewards if you use the app as well.

Here, I got the FreshSlice Feast Pizza Butter Chicken and FreshSlice Feast Pizza Meat Lovers. The Butter Chicken Feast Pizza contains mozzarella, grilled chicken breast diced up pieces, red peppers, cheddar, butter chicken sauce and creamy white garlic sauce. The Meat Lovers Feast Pizza contains mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, beef, ham and zesty tomato sauce.

The slices were already made and was in the display cabinet. The staff would just put it in the oven and heat it up for a few minutes. They taste not bad and the price was really reasonable.

Overall, the pizza was delicious and fresh. I like how they warm it back up. Hot pizza taste the best.

FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall Food Court Address & Location

FreshSlice Pizza Guildford Mall is located at 10355 152 St Unit # 1410, Surrey, BC, V3W 7L8, Canada. It is located at the mall food court. There are plenty of dining tables that you can sit freely. The mall has a large parking lot and parking is free too.

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