JAPADOG is a Japanese hot dog chain with locations primarily in Greater Vancouver in British Columbia. Some are just hot dog trailers while others are in a food court. Check out the JAPADOG Burnaby Brentwood Mall location review below.

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JAPADOG Brentwood Mall Food Court Storefront Review

This is the JAPADOG Brentwood Mall Food Court storefront. They are popular for their Japanese style hot dogs that have many cool toppings. They also serve other items like milkshakes and shake fries. We had a review of the JAPADOG Trailer at Surrey Central here that you can check out too. We reviewed the hot dogs in that article.

JAPADOG Shake Fries Butter & Shoyu Brentwood Mall Food Court (Price: $3.99 each)

I got the JAPADOG Shake Fries – Butter & Shoyu Flavour. This is their classic flavour and is quite popular. They freshly deep fry the fries for you. Other flavours of the shake fries include regular, black pepper, shichimi and garlic, consomme, ume katsuo and aonori.

They put the fries in a bag and then they put seasoning inside. After that, they shake it all up so that you fries are nicely mixed and seasoned. There was a generous amount of fries in the bag. Not too bad for only $3.99 plus tax! The fries were hot and crispy and the seasoning taste great.

Overall, it was a nice snack. It would go well with a JAPADOG hot dog too.

JAPADOG Brentwood Mall Food Court Burnaby Address & Location

JAPADOG is located at Brentwood Mall Town Center (Amazing Brentwood). The address is 4567 Lougheed Hwy. F8, Burnaby, BC, V5C 3Z6, Canada. It is located inside the mall food court. There is free surface level parking near London Drugs. For underground parking, you will have to pay.

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