Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba is a mazesoba noodle and ramen restaurant chain. Check out our Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba review at Lougheed Burnaby below.

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Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Canada 2021 Menu & Price

Below is the mazsoba and ramen noodles menu for Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Canada.

Below is the donburi, sides, salads and dessert menu for Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Canada.

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba also has a seasonal menu where they have Szechuan Ramen for sale.

There are also instructions teaching you how to eat mazesoba.

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Niku Noodles Review (Price: $15.49)

The Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Niku Noodles comnes with slow braised pork chashu, spicy minced pork, raw egg yolk, minced garlic, green onions, seaweed flakes, grinded saba fish, chives, seasame and mulit grain noodles made in house. The presentation certainly looks pretty good. Price is $15.49 which is reasonable.

This is what it looks like after you break the raw egg and mix everything together. The noodles taste not bad. It is a nice dry sauce noodle with lots of chives and green onions. The pork chashu taste pretty good too.

When you are finished with the noodles, you get a small scoop of white rice. You can mix it with the remaining leftover spicy minced pork, seaweed flakes, green onions, chives and sauce. This was nice of them to let you eat the flavours in a different way.

Overall, a nice noodle meal. Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Lougheed is located at 531 North Rd #109, Coquitlam, BC, V3J 1N7, Canada.

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