Maxim’s is a Chinese bakery that sells various breads, pastries, cakes and desserts. They are a bakery chain with various locations in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. Note that Maxim’s Canada is not affiliated with Maxim’s Hong Kong. Check out the Maxim’s Bakery Richmond Centre Mall location review below.

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Maxim’s Bakery Richmond Menu Items & Prices

We went to Maxim’s bakery cooler items and saw some yummy desserts. They had various cakes and desserts available.

They also have some sandwiches too.

Maxim’s Bakery Black Forest Cake with Cherries and Fresh Fruit Jello Jelly Review (Price: $2.75 for Jelly and $3.45 for Cake)

We went with the Maxim’s Bakery Black Forest Sponge Cake with Cherries and Fresh Fruit Jello Jelly. The black forest chocolate cake cost $3.45 per slice while the jelly cost $2.75. They gave us spoons and forks as well so that we can eat it at the mall.

The jelly is lime flavoured and it has a few fruits in there as well. They are cantaloupe, melon and grape. It was a refreshing cool dessert to have after dinner.

The black forest cake is chocolate flavoured. There some chocolate sprinkles at the top and there’s chocolate cream inside the cake too. The sponge cake is chocolate flavoured too. There’s some cherries in between the cake which makes it even better. On the top, there’s some whip cream. This was a really nice cake and was very yummy.

Overall, Maxim’s Bakery serves some very reasonably price dessert items like jellies and sliced cakes. They taste great too!

Maxim’s Bakery Richmond Address & Location

Maxim’s Bakery Richmond is located at 6551 No. 3 Rd #1310, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B6, Canada. There is lots of free parking available at Richmond Centre Mall. It is served by the Richmond Brighouse Canada Line Skytrain station.

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