Steve’s Poke Bar is a fast food restaurant chain located primarily in Greater Vancouver in British Columbia. They are mainly located in food courts but they also have some standalone locations too. I haven’t been to Steve’s Poke Bar in three weeks and they sent me an email targeted offer saying they missed me. As such, they added a special offer to my account where I can get the premium topping of free avocado. This premium extra add-on topping is usually priced at $2.50. I have the Steve’s Poke Bar App so you can easily see your rewards as well.

The Steve’s Poke Bar Build Your Own Poke Bowl price was $11 plus tax. I ordered the Build Your Own Bowl at Steve’s Poke Bar through the app. It was ready in about 15 minutes. The contents were nicely packaged and they even wrote Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) on top of the container. That’s a nice touch. (:

The Steve’s Poke Bar Build Your Own Bowl includes poke of your choice in a large bowl. You can choose your base which includes either rice, quinoa or salad. You can also add Furikake (Hawaiian seasoning). Sauces can be added to the base and you can add up to 5 different sauces including sriracha, ponzu, sesame oil, Steve’s spicy mayo, Steve’s Shoyu. 15 toppings of your choice are also included. Below is what I ordered.

Steve’s Poke Bar Base

  • Rice x1
  • Add Furikake (Hawaiian Seasoning) x1

Steve’s Poke Bar Base Sauce

  • Ponzu x1
  • Sesame Oil x1

Steve’s Poke Bar Poke

  • Shoyu Salmon x1

Steve’s Poke Bar Premium Toppings

  • Avocado x1 ($2.50 – free from targeted offer)

Steve’s Poke Bar Toppings (15 included – I didn’t get Pickled Ginger and Kimchi)

  • Cucumber x1
  • Corn x1
  • Edamame x1
  • Imitation Crab x1
  • Wakame x1
  • Green Onion x1
  • Red Onion x1
  • White Onion x1
  • Pineapple x1
  • Fried Onion x1
  • Fried Garlic x1
  • Seaweed Flakes x1
  • Sesame Seeds x1

Overall, it was a nice meal at Steve’s Poke Bar. It was pretty filling as well. The food tasted pretty fresh. I like the variety of ingredients and the amount of fresh vegetables. This Steve’s Poke Bar location is located at 10153 King George Blvd #711, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1. It is inside the Surrey Central Mall Food Court.

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