McDonald’s Canada officially released the BTS Meal a few days ago in late May 2021. BTS (Bangtan Boys) is a South Korean boy band that consists of 7 members. They are very popular. McDonald’s teamed up with BTS to create the McDonald’s BTS Meal Canada 2021. Essentially, it is a 10 piece chicken Mcnuggets meal with medium fries and medium drink. It comes with two special limited edition sauces. The first one is the McDonald’s BTS cajun nugget sauce while the other is the McDonald’s BTS sweet chili nugget sauce. Everything (cup, 10 piece nugget box, bag) is also packaged with McDonald’s and BTS branding. The 10 piece chicken Mcnuggets McDonald’s BTS meal Canada price is $11.89 CAD plus tax.

The BTS nuggets is essentially the same as any other chicken nuggets. The only difference would be the McDonald’s BTS nugget sauces. McDonald’s Canada currently has coupons at the moment so I used a Buy One Get One Free coupon on the 6 piece chicken Mcnuggets. I also didn’t want to get the fries or the drink as well. Price for the 6 piece chicken Mcnuggets by itself is $5.49 plus tax.

Note: Each McDonald’s Canada location may have slightly different menu prices as some are franchise restaurants while others are corporate. Regional locations may also affect menu prices.

McDonald’s BTS Bag Packaging 2021

All takeout orders at McDonald’s Canada currently puts your food in a McDonald’s BTS bag. It is on recycled brown paper and there is the McDonald’s logo and the BTS purple logo. On the other side of the bag, it mentioned The BTS meal in English and also French.

McDonald’s BTS Nugget Sauces 2021

These are the BTS Mcnugget chicken sauces that I really wanted to try. It has some Korean words on it as well. This particular location decided to charge me an extra $0.5 for each of the BTS nugget sauces even though each 6 piece Mcnuggets serving gets one free Mcnugget sauce. I ended up paying an extra $1 for the BTS Mcnugget sauces. It was subjective as the original receipt had those sauces with my nuggets and there was no charge when the cashier ordered it from me. You can also order it on the kiosk with the nuggets and BTS sauces at no extra charge. The McDonald’s lady that was to deliver the food to me just said she needs to charge me an extra $1 for the BTS sauces. The McDonald’s BTS sweet chili nugget sauce is coloured pink while the McDonald’s BTS cajun nugget sauce is coloured purple.

This is how the sauces look like. I found the BTS sweet chili sauce taste kind of like sweet chili Thai sauce. Though, this version is a bit more spicy and hot. The BTS cajun sauce taste like mustard with some decent flavours. It reminds me of the McDonald’s honey mustard sauce except its not really sweet.

Overall, I don’t think I would pay an extra $0.5 for each BTS nugget sauce with the 6 pieces nugget serving. The other sauces like BBQ and Sweet & Sour are great sauces as well and you get one free included sauce for 6 piece nuggets or two included sauces for 10 piece nuggets. Though, it was nice to try something new at McDonald’s Canada. I also wanted to see what the hype is all about with the McDonald’s BTS nugget meal 2021. The 10 piece nugget meals include both BTS nugget sauces for free with no extra charge.

This McDonald’s Canada location is located at 10240 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5, Canada.

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