McDonald’s Canada Summer Drink Days 2021 is back! For medium fountain soft drinks and medium iced coffees, they are $1 each. For medium smoothies, slushies and Frappes, they are $2 each. They have the new Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour Iced Coffee so I decided to try that. However, you have to pay a little more for this flavour. It was $1.4 for a medium which was not too bad still. I also ordered some McDonald’s Canada breakfast sandwiches as well.

McDonald’s Canada Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour Iced Coffee (Medium Size) – $1.40

This is the new Iced Coffee flavour at McDonald’s Canada. Instead of cream, I requested to have milk on it instead. As such, the colour doesn’t look as good compared to if it was made with cream. I also requested no ice.

McDonald’s Canada Everything Bagel Egg BLT (Bagel BELT) – $5.29

One of my favourite breakfast sandwiches to order at McDonald’s Canada is their Bagel Egg BLT (or known as Bagel BELT). Regular price is $5.29 plus tax for this bagel sandwich. I got it on an Everything Bagel. It comes with tomato, lettuce, bacon strips, egg, mayo and butter. I requested mines to have no butter and light mayo. This tasted really good and it seemed pretty healthy too with all the vegetables. The McDonald’s Canada bagel breakfast sandwiches are only available during the morning hours before 11am.

McDonald’s Canada Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle – $4.39

This is another McDonald’s Canada breakfast sandwich item that is only available during breakfast hours before 11am. Regular price is $4.39 plus tax. It comes with sausage patty, processed cheese and egg. This is all on a fluffy and soft McGriddle. McGriddle is essentially like a pancake that is a little sweet. This taste pretty good as well.

Overall, this was a pretty good and inexpensive breakfast/brunch meal. They currently have coupons and I used the Buy One Get One Free Coupon on the breakfast sandwiches. The Iced Coffee was also part of McDonald’s Canada Summer Drink Days 2021 so I got it for $1.40.

This McDonald’s Canada location is located at 10240 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5, Canada.

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