Wendy’s Canada serves various fast food burgers, fries, salads and drinks. They have locations in Canada and across the world. Though, they don’t have as much locations as McDonald’s or Tim Hortons. Check out the Wendy’s Canada Surrey Guildford location review below.

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Wendy’s Canada Surrey Guildford Restaurant Interior Dining Area

This is the Wendy’s Canada Surrey Guildford restaurant interior. Its a nice, modern and clean dining area.

Wendy’s Canada Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad Review (Price: $9.89)

This is the Wendy’s Canada Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad. It comes with default Renee’s Southwest Ranch Dressing. However, there are a few other dressing that you can get instead. I ordered on the mobile app and was able to add a few extra things for free. These include Roasted Pecans, Bread Crumb Croutons and Onions. There was no extra charge for ordering these extra items on the mobile app.

The Wendy’s Canada Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad is priced at $9.89 CAD plus tax. The default item comes with applewood smoked bacon, two small scoops of avocado, chopped up grilled chicken breast and salad blend. The salad blend contains pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, red lettuce and green lettuce. A lot of delicious ingredients in this salad. Its definitely a healthier alternative to eating a burger with fries. The salad taste really fresh and the chicken was warm too. I like how the salad had a lot of different ingredients.

Wendy’s Canada Jr. Junior Cheeseburger with Large Fries Review (Price: $2.29 for Burger and $3.89 for Large Fries)

I also got the Wendy’s Canada Jr. Junior Cheeseburger with Large Fries. The large fries is normally priced at $3.89. However, I had a mobile app coupon where I got it for $1. The Wendy’s Canada Jr. Junior Cheeseburger is priced at $2.29. I ordered the wrong burger as I could get the one with bacon too at the same price of $2.29. Oh well.

The Wendy’s Canada Jr. Junior Cheeseburger contains a slice of tomato, leaf lettuce, onions, processed cheese slice, hamburger beef patty, ketchup and pickles. This was a really nice burger and is priced really good. Great value considering what you pay for.

The Wendy’s Canada large fries taste pretty good too. You really can’t go wrong with fries. Its lightly salted. I also got some ketchup, black pepper and mayo packets. I like putting black pepper and mixing it with mayo and use it as a dipping sauce. You can also add black pepper to the ketchup and dip it with fries too.

Overall, Wendy’s Canada offers solid fast food meals. Its pretty good value if you know what your ordering. The Junior Bacon Cheeseburger is only priced at $2.29 which is awesome in my opinion. McDonald’s Canada Cheeseburgers are priced at $2.79 and that doesn’t include the bacon, lettuce or tomato. Wendy’s Canada is also one of the few national fast food restaurants that still offer salads. McDonald’s and Tim Hortons used to have salads but they got rid of it.

Wendy’s Canada Surrey Guildford Address & Location

Wendy’s Canada Surrey Guildford is located at 10125 152 St, Surrey, BC, V3R 4G6, Canada. There is free parking within the plaza.

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