Oomomo Cafe Crepes & Dessert serves various savory (salty) and sweet crepes. They also have some ice cream and hot drinks too. It is inside the Oomomo Japanese store on the upper level at Aberdeen Centre Mall in Richmond, BC, Canada. Check out the Oomomo Cafe Restaurant review below.

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Oomomo Cafe Crepes & Dessert Storefront

This is the storefront for the Oomomo Cafe. They also have some seating area for dine in customers.

Oomomo Cafe Crepes & Dessert Menu

Oomomo Cafe has some specials which are at a significantly reduced price. At $4.50 for a crepe, its a pretty good deal!

This is the Oomomo Cafe menu. They have various crepes and soft serve ice creams.

Oomomo Cafe Pizza Crepe Review (Price: $4.5)

I ordered the special Oomomo Cafe Pizza Crepe for $4.50. The crepe is freshly made. Inside, there is salami and cheese. On the outside, some pizza sauce is on top.


Here’s a closer look at the interior of the ingredients. This crepe taste not bad and is not too filling.

Overall, it was not a bad snack as it was inexpensive. This Oomomo Cafe location is located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way #1080, Richmond, BC, V6X 4J7, Canada. It is inside the Oomomo Japanese store.

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