Tiny One Cafe Hot Pot serves various hot pot soups and bridge rice noodles. Check out the Tiny One Cafe restaurant review below.

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Tiny One Cafe Menu

This is the Tiny One Cafe restaurant Hot Pot menu items. They also have some Tiny One beverages, rice and more.

This is their lunch special menu where they have various bridge rice noodles.

Tiny One Cafe Beef House Noodles Review (Price: $11.95)

I ordered the Tiny One Cafe Beef House Noodles for $11.95. It comes with a free Chrysanthemum cold drink. Not a bad price. However, the picture shows the raw ingredients that is supposed to be separated. The one I got had all the raw ingredients in the bowl already. Its not a big deal. There are various ingredients like half a piece of spam meat, enoki mushroom, broccoli, beef, noodles and more. The soup was a bit salty though. However, when we told the waiter, he quickly bought out some non-salted soup broth and added it to our bowls. Pretty good service.

Overall, a reasonably priced meal. However, there was nothing too special about it. This Tiny One Cafe Hot Pot restaurant location is located at 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 0A4, Canada. It is inside Aberdeen Centre Mall on the ground level.

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