Boiling Point (沸點) is a restaurant that offers different Taiwanese Hot Pot Soups (Wok in a Box). Check out the Boiling Point (沸點) Vancouver Main Street location review below.

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Boiling Point (沸點) has several hot pot sauces for you to dip your food in. Due to COVID, you don’t get to get your own sauces anymore. Instead, they give you three disposable sauces. These include garlic chili sauce, garlic soy sauce and garlic bean paste. Hopefully, you like garlic as all of the dipping sauces have garlic inside.

Boiling Point (沸點) Beef Hot Pot Soup Review (Lunch Price: $16.55; Dinner Price: $17.55)

Boiling Point (沸點) Beef Hot Pot Soup contains vermicelli, sliced beef, napa cabbage, corn, tomato, enoki mushroom, tempura, firm tofu skin, fish cake, fried tofu, meat ball, green onion, cilantro, and imitation crab meat. You can choose your spice level as well. I choose mild. Usually if you get no spice, the soup is really bland. For the carbs, I choose white rice. You can also choose vermicelli as well.

I went there during lunch time so the hot pot soups are $1 cheaper than the dinner price. In addition, the lunch price also includes a complimentary medium size cold drink of either iced green tea or iced black tea. For an extra $1, I upgraded it to a large size with no ice. You cannot adjust the sugar levels though. Its either no sugar or with sugar.

At the end of the meal, they give you a Boiling Point (沸點) Lemon QQ Dessert Jelly. This is pretty refreshing and its cold as well. A nice treat to end the hot pot soup meal.

Overall, a decent meal. The lunch price is alright considering you get a cold iced drink as well. Boiling Point (沸點) Vancouver is located at 4148 Main St, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P7, Canada.

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