H-Mart is a Korean supermarket chain with many locations across the world. They have a food court and deli section inside the supermarket store. We went there around 7:30pm and many of their deli and food items are usually discounted by 20-30% off. H-Mart tries to finish selling the food for the day so they discount them. Check out the H-Mart Food Court Coquitlam location review below.

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H-Mart Food Court Korean Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl Review (Price: $8.99)

The H-Mart Korean Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl cost $8.99. With the 30% off discount, we got it for $6.29. Its pre-made already and is inside a warmer. There’s some rice and a generous portion of Bulgogi beef on top with teriyaki sweet sauce. There’s also a few pieces of yellow radish as well as some onions. This was not bad but was not exactly tasty other. In terms of value though, its pretty good.

H-Mart Food Court Chicken Bean Curd Inari Sushi Pocket Review (Price: $7)

The H-Mart Teriyaki Chicken Filled Inari Sushi Bean Curd Pocket price is $7. We got it at 20% off for $5.6. Usually, they sell these separately. However, because its the end of the day, they pack it all together. For $7, you get two sushi Inari pieces. There’s some Teriyaki chicken on top with some sesame seeds and green onions. Inside, you can white rice all wrapped in a Inari bean curd that’s sweet. Unfortunately, because this is in a refrigerator, the rice is hard. When eating this, I recommend to leave it at room temperature for about an hour so that the rice is no longer hard and cold anymore. This taste ok.

H-Mart Food Court Dynamite Sushi Roll Review (Price: $5.99)

The H-Mart Dynamite Sushi Roll price is $5.99. We got it at 20% off for $4.79. The value is definitely there considering most sushi restaurants now charge from $6.5-$8 for a sushi roll these days. There’s a lot of tobiko topping on top. The imitation crab meat taste not bad too. There’s also some cucumbers and a tempura shrimp. Unfortunately, this is all cold so the rice is hard. However, its not as apparent as the Inari filled sushi as the rice is a thin layer wrapped around the toppings. This taste a lot better than the Inari filled chicken bean curd.

Overall, the food was only ok. However, its supermarket quality and the items are in a warmer or in a refrigerator. As such, the items are not freshly made to order. They do however have some fresh to order items but its closed in the evening.

H-Mart Food Court Address & Location

H-Mart Food Court Square Coquitlam is located at 329 North Rd #100, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8. It is inside the H-Mart Korean supermarket. There is free parking in the Hanin Village Korean plaza. The store is quite close to Lougheed Town Centre Mall.

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