I dropped by the Surrey Central Mall Food Court to grab some quick bites for takeout. I ordered some sushi from Toyama Sushi Express Food Court. This includes Dynamite Roll, Yam Roll and California Roll. The California roll was pre-made already. But I saw that they made the dynamite roll and yam roll on the spot.

Yam Roll and Dynamite Roll 

The Yam Roll tasted pretty good. It was still warm which means they were freshly deep fried or at least kept warm before being rolled into the sushi roll. The pieces are tiny, but there was 10 pieces in total. The dynamite roll was poor. As you can see from the picture, less than half of it was filled with ingredients. There was a lot of rice and just very little fillings. Seems like they didn’t want to put more ingredients into the rolls. I had better dynamite rolls before and they had two tempura shrimps, imitation crab meat and more.

California Roll

The roll was a bit mushy but taste alright. They don’t seem to be rolled nicely as you can see there’s rice in side the roll as well, not just outside. However, this is not as poorly done as the dynamite roll.

Overall, these were not really good sushi rolls. The dynamite roll was $4.95 and I’ve had better dynamite rolls for the same price a block away at Sushi & Roll. I understand its Food Court quality food, but it could have been better still considering the price they are charging. The only decent roll was the yam roll as the yam was warm still.

Sushi Toyama Express is located at Surrey Central Mall Food Court at 13450 102 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3T 2W1, Canada. It is just by the Surrey Central Station on the Rapid Transit Tranlink Expo Train Line.

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